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 Fuck the police coming straight from the underground.

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PostSubject: Fuck the police coming straight from the underground.   7/1/2015, 17:15

Ello, I'm Oreo S12 swaggest Mod on the server. What is my gender? My gender is Tupac, it's very rare. My age? I turn 8 and 1/2 in a month Very Happy. My race is lion.
Anyway I enjoy games such as gmod, League of legends, and css/cssgo which are my 3 favorite games. I've been a moderator for S12 for about a little less than a month and really enjoy playing on the server and hopefully making friends with everyone I meet on there. I like to be referred to oreo, besides the fact it's a fucking cats name, it's because one time in band camp little Johny double stuffed my holes in when I was sleeping, when I woke up I was filled with cream just like an Oreo so thats why I bare the name Oreo from now on. The real reason is because I held the original name WantAnOreo for the longest time and now people know me as Oreo. In game my rpname changes various amounts of times, including my steam picture so you might not know who I am at first, and yes I will troll you until you find out who I am. Tbh I don't like being strict, so I'm not gonna give a warning because some other guy stole your guns, or bought your door, or even demoted you. If the case is serious I will sit it out and solve the situation, and I really hate when people talk at once or disrespect each other during sit. Lets just all get along~ I'm totally not even emo breh, so I can't even right now ;_; I like two general genres of music and somewhat of a third. Most rock, EDM, and I like some rap songs, but that shit has to be by an old rapper like wucrunktangingBoys, or Bupac, and Tiggie. I'm only gonna list my favorite rock bands since 60% of the time I'm listening to rock.
Bands ~ Escape the fate, Chemical Romance, BFMV, 311, Incubus, Green Day, Three Days Grace, Falling in reverse, Flyleaf, Sleeping  in Sirens,Panic! At the Disco, Crown the Empire, Hollywood Undead,A Day to Remember, Asking Alexandria, Pierce the Veil, Get scared, The killers, 30 Seconds to mars, Chevelle, breaking benjamin, Savior, Nirvana, Skillet, Sether, AFI, between the trees, Hawthorne heights, and taking back sunday.
If I said the same band twice well guess what I really don't give a fuck, you probably went to go look if I said the same band twice, but I actually didn't so you probably feel really dumb now. Anyway on with my great introduction of myself, I also watch anime, yes anime, Anime, say it with me Anime. Anime isn't that bad so for all you h8r's out there sma. My abosolute favorite 3 animes is Boku no pico, otaku, and school days. If you thought I was serious about those three kill your self, but if not move on to my actual favorite anime, so here goes another list.
ANIME ~ Naruto, full metal alchemist, death note, hellsing ultimate, tokyo ghoul, and finally Naruto.
Hi I have a dig bick.
You read wrong that.
That awkward when you read that wrong also
That awkward moment when the word "moment" wasn't there.
Mind games.
So if you're on the server, I would love to meet you all Wink Beware I'm totally a flirt TEEHEE! OMG C;. This is pretty damn long, I've actually put effort into this and I'm pretty lazy I barely put effort into fapping. So if you love it that we'll bang later, if you didn't I cri erhytim qq
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PostSubject: Re: Fuck the police coming straight from the underground.   22/7/2015, 20:07

"My gender is tupac"

Looks like someone's a special snowflake.
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Fuck the police coming straight from the underground.

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