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 A resignation

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Le Flame

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PostSubject: A resignation   12/1/2015, 06:37

There are several reasons for this. The community and server are failing, it's looking to be a repeat of the last community that I was on. Neither of us have any intention of being a part of that. The problems lie mainly with many staff members. There are many abusive staff members who have not faced any sort of punishment for their actions. The staff we currently have are inadequate. I feel that this is mainly due to the promotion system currently in place. There are next to no expectations for trialmods, if they do nothing to get in trouble and remain completely dormant otherwise, they are left to keep their rank for as long as they want. Staff members who deserve higher ranks are not given them as they are not as vocal as other staff members. Hours spent on duty are not taken into consideration. Some people are promoted in a single day, multiple days in a row, others are promoted after waiting weeks, despite working to a much higher standard than other staff (I am not trying to claim that I have been wronged here - my rank is completely irrelevant, I am referring to other staff members that have yet to be promoted, and staff that have been promoted already.) There are incompetent staff members being added daily who have no interest in staff aside from a rank. The staff is overly competitive, always trying to one-up the others. There are too many abusive members with the good members for them to work together. There are huge issues with favouritism - I'm sure many members of the community remember ThePalmerino, Zoidberg, Cojoecon and Inaugerate. There are absolutely horrid examples set for others by staff members. The best members of the community are overlooked because they do not take every opportunity to post unintelligible and meaningless comments to make their presence known. Pom is a good guy, but he is never online. Smeag is hypocritical and abusive when online. Dagold  has good intentions but is unable for the most part to act on any of them due to rank restrictions. There are rules which are redundant, rules that are missing, rules which are inaccurate and rules which must be updated which are given no notice. The last straw was when I found out that a rule was revoked in exchanged for a $100 donation. There are issues which regulars who are given far too many chances simply because they are regulars. Some players are given no chances because a particular person complained. There is no consistency in the treatment of players. There are admin rules set which few follow due to the example set by higher ranks. A player has paid for one billion dollars of in-game cash, which breaks the economy. The community is becoming toxic with some of the people who are part of it. We are not the only ones who feel this way. Others are leaving. This is not a poaching attempt - we have no intention of grabbing all the regulars and making our own secret community. We are simply no longer interested in taking part of a community which is slowly being poisoned.

People who are leaving/resigning:

  • Lé Flame (Head admin/admin)
  • MrHighway/Smooth Invincible (Admin)
  • Ahren (Admin)
  • Wolfiee (Mod)
  • SuperMarioGold (Mod)
  • HDD (Donator)
  • Vinyl Scratch (Regular)
  • Snufflelaphagus (Regular)
  • Kat (Regular)
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PostSubject: Re: A resignation   13/1/2015, 01:11

Ughhh... Flame you have good valid points but it saddens me to see you all go, and to already be depressed hearing this has worsened my depression. In honesty I wish you would stay and for you all to leave It also gives a desire to leave with you, but I won't leave the server I want to be patient and see the server develope into a more enjoyable place with more mature, responsible admin on. I'm one who loves fooling around and joking with everyone out of fun intentions for, I wouldn't mind since I want everyone to have fun with good intentions. But over the few days I've been having a bad time in the server, and now half of me wants to leave and half wants to stay, I am very disappointed, and extremely sad to see my friends leave the server and having to experience a lot of bs on the server which has given me bad emotions that I have to tend to by taking a short break.
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Fresh New
Fresh New

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PostSubject: Re: A resignation   13/1/2015, 18:56

Very poor decision to let the rules be dictated by a donator with a very giving mentality. I have a strong belief that money should never influence staff or server rules. As a donator and staff, I feel that our regulars have been ignored in favor of currency, and if that's the case maybe this place isn't still for me. I understand that many people's motos for life is "Fuck bitches, get money," but let's be more fair to our regulars. As for staff I don't see it in the same way, sure each person has flaws, but I believe anyone with the right objective can be trained to become a good staff. Maybe if the system was revamped then we could see better results.
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PostSubject: Re: A resignation   

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A resignation

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