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 [DENIED] Veizho's Application.

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Fresh New
Fresh New

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PostSubject: [DENIED] Veizho's Application.    12/1/2015, 09:45

Your age: 16
SteamName: PubsJR
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:85744639
In-Game Name: Veizho
Warnings(On Server|No more than 5): Zero

Do you have a mic: Yes
How long have you been on the server: 1 Day
Have you administrated another server before: No
Which server and for how long:

Can you write with proper grammar?
Write an example: My favorite sport is football, because my father played the sport when he was in college. He played for Colorado Rams University as a Defensive lineman. I got passion for the game ever since I was 10 years old playing peewee football in my town. Now that I am age 16 I love the game and would like to play in the NCAA at Oregon University as a Defensive Back, Because I am very good at the position.

Why do you want to become a moderator?
Write why: I would love to become a moderator on this server,because I love helping people out with any problems they have.
I have not been a moderator on any other server but I know the requirements.

Why would you be good as a moderator?
Write why: Because I can help people with there problems and answer any questions about the server.
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PostSubject: Re: [DENIED] Veizho's Application.    12/1/2015, 15:21

I suggest putting more effort into your application and writing a bit more in sections 2 & 3.
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PostSubject: Re: [DENIED] Veizho's Application.    13/1/2015, 00:36

I never even seen you on the server. This is also poor extend the 1. 2. 3. to follow the format this has no potential or effort. Try writing something we want to hear that would interest us in making you a moderator
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Le Flame

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PostSubject: Re: [DENIED] Veizho's Application.    3/2/2015, 15:52

This application seems to have been overlooked, I apologise for the late reply. This application is denied as it looks as though very little effort have been put into it. Given the lateness of this response, you may reapply immediately.
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PostSubject: Re: [DENIED] Veizho's Application.    

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[DENIED] Veizho's Application.

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