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Fresh New
Fresh New

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PostSubject: BAN APPEAL " KEL'THUZAD"    16/1/2015, 10:47

Steam Name: Kel'thuzad
Rp name: Garvin Canoli
Steam id: STEAM_0:1:91355566

Ban Reason: Mass Rdm in group
Ban Length: 6 days
Banning Admin: Doc Holiday
Why I should be unbanned? : I've been playing on this server awhile now and generally enjoy the people that play as well as the staff, however I feel as though my 6 day ban " mass rdm in a group" was a bit excessive and unnecessary. My rp name is usually kel'thuzad but has been Garvin Canoli as of lately to participate in the recent mafia roleplay everyones been getting in on more than usual. I understand a lot of people throw the canoli name on their rp name and RDM and cause an issue with people revenge rdming or whatever, but it is NEVER me. Today when I was banned I adverted a kidnap and when I untied the player, he pulled out a gun and ran so I naturally shot him. Doc Holiday, one of the admins witnessed this and instead of asking me what happened or giving me any type of warning I just got banned for 6 days. I just want to have the ban lifted so I can continue playing on my favorite garrys mod server that I come home to everyday after work and ask that in the future I get an admin sit instead of a harsh immediate ban with no questions asked. - KEL'THUZAD/GARVIN CANOLI
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Le Flame

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PostSubject: Re: BAN APPEAL " KEL'THUZAD"    18/1/2015, 17:11

I would like to give Doc an opportunity to explain his reasoning of banning you for a single kill without warning, there could be something that you have not taken into consideration here. If he does not respond within another 8 hours, I will unban you.
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Fresh New
Fresh New

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PostSubject: Re: BAN APPEAL " KEL'THUZAD"    22/1/2015, 21:58

well Kel'thuzad is a good person with good intentions but i think he got mixed up with the wrong type of people.I have noticed sometimes but not all the times the canolis occasionally rdming people.
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PostSubject: Re: BAN APPEAL " KEL'THUZAD"    

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