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 Abuse Report Template

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Le Flame

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PostSubject: Abuse Report Template   18/1/2015, 15:27

If you would like to report an abusive staff member, fill out the following template and create a new thread with this as the original post.
Use the title ABUSE REPORT: <Player's name>

Please remember to collect proof, unless we get a torrent of complaints regarding one staff member, it is unlikely that anyone will be punished with zero evidence provided.

Admin's RP name (Most recent)*:
Admin's SteamID (Guide)*:

Were you wrongfully banned by the admin? (Y/N):
If so, please provide your ban appeal link:

Proof of abuse*:
Explanation of proof*:

Further comments regarding admin behaviour**:

* - Required fields
** - May refer to past experiences, you are not limited to discussing this particular event
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Abuse Report Template

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