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 Few Suggestions

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Few Suggestions Empty
PostSubject: Few Suggestions   Few Suggestions Empty19/1/2015, 13:10

A nice thing for gundealers, and well everyone, would be a search filter for the F4 menu on entities/shipments/etc. basically meaning there would be a textbox somewhere at the top where you can search a gun name or entity name and it will filter out all other entites/guns except the ones that start with what you typed.

I noticed a majority of all addons are on workshop(playermodels, cars, other stuff.), and it would be nice to move everything onto the actual server and set it so people download all of the textures, materials, etc. through FastDL(from the webserver nfo assigned to your server). FastDL, especially on NFO is a lot faster on workshop for quite obvious reasons, and i feel it would make the downloads faster for new players and current player if adding new content. This would also fix the errors for the playermodels and other textures people get because the server isn't force downloading the textures to the client like it should.

New Forum: The forum right now isn't that bad, but it could be a lot better under a new forum system/design, preferably with a real domain. I've offered to make a better one for free, but that's their choice. It would also be better to do something like this while the forum doesn't have much on it, for quite obvious reasons.

More Job Rules:
It would be nice if there were rules for every job, so people don't get confused about what a job can and cannot due.
for example:
Can not use rape SWEP
You must roleplay as a retard.

SteamID VIP Jobs:
I noticed it seems people with custom jobs have their own rank that's basically a vip renamed. It would be better to just add a customcheck to the jobs file that checks for their steamid when chaning to that group.

Kill Pom:
We must kill pom. he abooses too much.

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Few Suggestions

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