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 [DENIED] Moderator Application.

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Fresh New
Fresh New

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PostSubject: [DENIED] Moderator Application.   22/1/2015, 12:16

Your age: 15
SteamName: 1337yeah
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:43220772
In-Game Name: 1337yeah
Warnings(On Server|No more than 5): 2

Do you have a mic: Yes, but I do not use.
How long have you been on the server: 2 days and 3 hours
Have you administrated another server before: I currently administrate another DarkRP server.
Which server and for how long: KyoRP, for about a week.

Can you write with proper grammar? English isn't my primary language, but yeah.
Write an example: You're and your are entirely different. You're is the shorter way of saying you are, while your is used for associating something with somebody. Examples:
You're looking great today!
Where's your backpack?
Their and there are also different. Their is supposed to be possessive, while there is supposed to be related to location.

Why do you want to become a moderator?
Write why: Well, whenever there's no admins, all hell breaks loose and I'm pratically on most of the time so I decided that I should be able to patrol the streets for RDMers and RDAers. I have also caught people RDMing and I told admins what their name was and they got kicked. I have also tried arresting RDMers when I was CP so that they can't kill anybody else and cause more havoic. I have also been experienced in moderation in servers, such as Minecraft and KyoRP for examples.

Why would you be good as a moderator?
Write why: I try my best to hand over people who are RDMers and RDAers to admins and moderators so that they can be kicked and banned and I write down a list of RDMers when I see them RDMing so that I can remember them later to tell to an admin so that they can be questioned. I have also tried my best to get out of any trouble that I had the chance to get into, and most of the time I have not gotten into deep trouble with RDMing or RDAing or anything else that's against the rules.
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PostSubject: Re: [DENIED] Moderator Application.   23/1/2015, 00:16

Yeah no.
Bad application gets no regards from me.
1 Poor grammar not complete or finish (So is the whole application)
2. Extend please and show us more potential
3. Extend please.
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PostSubject: Re: [DENIED] Moderator Application.   23/1/2015, 06:08

I have to agree with Sasori on all aspects. Little effort was shown in the application. If you could please revise this by the 24th of January that would be great. Smile
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Le Flame

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PostSubject: Re: [DENIED] Moderator Application.   3/2/2015, 15:11

The requested changes were not made, so this application is denied, you may reapply in one week's time.
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PostSubject: Re: [DENIED] Moderator Application.   

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[DENIED] Moderator Application.

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