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 Hello all, hi everyone

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Hello all, hi everyone Empty
PostSubject: Hello all, hi everyone   Hello all, hi everyone Empty22/7/2015, 19:34

Hello. I am imaperson. I have 978 hours on garry's mod because I have no life. So expect me to be on the server really often. Well, not that often since  i've set a foot in 3 communities as of now (GamingLight, SmashingLimes, and this) However i've been considering leaving gaminglight because its complete shit. So yeah I really love darkrp and having fun on it. I'm 13 years old and have alot of games such as Left 4 dead 2, Dead Island, Skyrim, Minecraft, Fallout New Vegas, Black ops 2, and so on.

I am an ex-admin on Gaminglight ZombieRP, and a retired STC of GamingLight Schoolrp. So I have a bit of admin experience. I have tons of time on Garry's mod and love playing it. I hope you guys get used to me and I can have fun with everyone. Cheers. Very Happy
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Hello all, hi everyone

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