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 BAN APPEAL: The Jimmy Rustler

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The Jimmy Rustler
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Fresh New

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PostSubject: BAN APPEAL: The Jimmy Rustler   28/7/2015, 18:06

Steam name:The Jimmy Rustler
RP name (Most recent):The Jimmy Rustler
SteamID (Guide):STEAM_0:0:53383333

Ban reason:Mass RDM while admins are offline
Ban length:Permanent
Banning admin/mod: Velrac(?)
Why should I be unbanned?: The killing was justified. I was a SWAT, there were laws put up by the mayor which said some stuff like "Border hopping is KOS, guns out is KOS". I killed some other people cause they shot me or my friend for no reason, I killed |Nova twice, once cause he attacked first, the other time he was asking for it. I killed a guy named LEEROOOOOOY JEEEENKINS because he killed me repeatedly in spawn. I also didn't get any warning from the admin and he didn't bring me in, I just got permabanned. I really want to keep playing on this server, it has good jobs and it has meth.
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BAN APPEAL: The Jimmy Rustler

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