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 Moderator Application

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Moderator Application Empty
PostSubject: Moderator Application   Moderator Application Empty26/3/2016, 10:03

Your age: 16
SteamName: BeefDip
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:50739939
In-Game Name: BeefDip
Warnings(On Server|No more than 5): 0
Server Time: Since the old server.

Do you have a mic: Yes.

How long have you been on the server: Almoust since the old server was up.

Have you administrated another server before: Yes.

Which server and for how long:
Co-Founder of Othello Hosting, a small time server hosting group, that host's servers for games such as Garry's Mod. (Has been up for about 3-4 months).

Will you be able to take own initiative when needed: Absolutely, when ever needed!

Can you write with proper grammar?

Write an example: Let me tell you about a Small-ish steam group called Othello Hosting. Me and my good friend "ThatMCPunk34" were playing some Team Fortress 2 one day and we thought to ourselves: "would'nt it be cool to host our own servers?" I thought it was a pretty cool idea and so did he, some time later we layed down some ground work and decided that I'll host the EU servers and he'l host the US servers and of course in the progress we made our steam group. And that's basically s short story of how our steam group came to be!

Why do you want to become a moderator?

Write why: Mostly due to the fact that i the only gamemode i play on in Garry's Mod is DarkRP (Dark Role Playing) and i dont really know why, probably because me and my friend play it alot together last i heard is that hes applying aswell. But another reason why id like to become a Moderator is because im one of those types of people that always finds a peacefull sulution to anything i can and i like helping people and being a part of something bigger the me. (Well that sounded cheesy Razz)

Why would you be good as a moderator?

Write why: Well like i mentioned before i do like helping people and being a part of something bigger, asloe since i have played DarkRP alot i do know my way around the maps and i do know the crazy stuff that seems to always happen on DarkRP and from my experience i know that there are always those types Moderator's who are fed up with power or just do something there not supposto if you know what i mean. I can asure you that im just a friendly guy and when it comes to being a Moderator i can and i will take full responsibility of whatever gets thrown my way! Smile bounce Very Happy
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Moderator Application

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