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 DarkRP Rules

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PostSubject: DarkRP Rules   DarkRP Rules Empty27/5/2014, 04:06

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Welcome To Sector 12!
Please read all the rules below!

The three who may edit these rules are Pöm-Pöm, Sméag,and Gold. No one else.

Note: Since our rules have the possibility to cover multiple areas at once, do not attempt to bend the rules. If a loophole has been found, report it to a staff member and the forums.

New Life Rule

The New Life Rule (NLR) states that once you die, you forget everything that happened to you. This means that, after you die, you don't immediately go back to the place you died.
In our server after you die, We have a NLR Zone. you must stay away from the place you died previously for 5 minutes .
If you died while being raided, you are free to go on back after your NLR time without guns drawn. (Because you cannot remember that you were raided, or who raided you, so you can't be prepared).

  • Civil Protection may ignore NLR during a  raid on the Police Department (since it is their home). If Civil Protection dies during a raid they are allowed to go back to the PD without guns drawn.
  • Raiders may not return to a raid that they have died during even after the 5 minutes is up.
  • Defenders may return to their base during a raid if the 5 minutes expires.

General Server Rules

1. Do not do anything to harm the server or otherwise exploit it.

  • Do not use any bug/exploit to your advantage. Report any exploits to an admin or higher, or post it on the forums.
  • Do not do anything to cause instability of the server.
  • Do not threaten to crash/ddos the server, Nor players what so ever.

2. Do not exploit the sit mod in any way. It should only be used for RP purposes. (e.g Sitting on a bench)
3. Do not abuse props.

  • You may block all but one entrance to your base using props.

4. Do not body-block unless it is for a legitimate RP reason.

  • Do not body-block someone from getting into their base
  • You may body-block your own door to stop an unwanted visitor from entering.

5. Do not Bunnyhop (Bhop).

  • Do not strafe/crouch jump in order to gain a speed boost.
  • You may repeatedly jump when running about.

6. Do not scam any player regardless of your job.

  • There is an implied agreement between vendors (Gun dealers/Black market dealers) that they will sell you their wares in exchange for your money.

    • Written agreements between players (e.g To not raid one another) should be signified by either:

      • Obtaining a $1 cheque from the other player (Both parties must possess a cheque from one another).
      • Using the /write command and have the other player sign the note.
         - These agreements may be propblocked and shown to a staff member when requested.

7. Do not host or take part in blind auctions.
8. Do not impersonate Pöm-Pöm, Smeag, ÐÅGOLD(CÃG)N?~þ? (Gold), or any member of the S-12 administrative team.
9. Do not evade bans by going on alternate accounts.
10. Do not disrespect other players.
11. Do not use any racial slurs.
12. Do not break a rule to enforce a rule. (e.g RDMing someone to stop them from NLRing)

  • Exceptions to this are when no staff are online and the server is experiencing significant problems with the online players (e.g Mass RDM/Propblocking spawn).

13. Do not purchase a single door in another player's base to claim the entire base as your own.

  • If you own the minority of doors in a base, you may be forced to sell them. If the doors are split equally, admin discretion is to be used.

Ban evading will result in your alternate account being permanently banned, with the ban time on your main account being increased.

Donator Rules

1. Do not noclip into another player's base.

  • This applies for use of the spiderman gun as well

2. Do not noclip outside the map.
3. Do not place entities or items inside user-inaccessible areas.
4. Do not noclip into admin areas.
5. Do not interrupt admin situations.

  • This applies for use of the spiderman gun as well.

6. Do not noclip during any RP situations (e.g Raids/Mugs/Kidnaps/While wanted)
7. You may only noclip in order to build your base

Violating any of the above rules will result in your noclip ability being revoked temporarily/permanently depending on the severity of your actions.

Spawn the Go Kart by writing /buyvehicle sw_gokart
1. Do not sell the Go Kart or any Donator Vehicle.
2. Do not physgun the gokart to an unreachable location.
3. Do not spawn more than one (1) GoKart.
4. Do not intentionally ram into players.
5. Do not block any areas/entrances using your GoKart.
6. You may physgun your GoKart if it has been stolen through a violation of server rules - A staff member must be called immediately after to resolve the situation.

Role-playing Rules

1. Do not randomly kill someone (RDM - Random Death Match).
2. Do not break NLR.
3. Do not job abuse.

  • Do not spawn in job-specific entities for only yourself (Self supply)
  • Do not spawn job-specific entities and change to another job (Job abuse)
  • Do not drop weapons that your job spawns with.

4. Do not disconnect, suicide, change jobs, etc to get out of a roleplay situation. (FailRP)
5. Do not perform an action that is illogical for your job (e.g Mafia members raiding the Godfather). (FailRP)
6. Do not mic spam.

  • If two players request for you to stop in chat, you must stop. Whether you are able to micspam in a different location is left for admin discretion, however it is not advised.
  • Any action which creates noise that may irritate other players is considered as micspam. (e.g Right click with bugbait, spamming pet noises)

7. Do not roleplay in spawn.

  • Do not arrest players in spawn.
  • Do not kill players in spawn.
  • Do not mug/kidnap players in spawn.
  • Do not run into spawn as a "safe haven" from police officers/mugs/kidnaps.
  • You may go AFK safely in the building behind spawn for up to 15 minutes, after which you may be kicked.

8. Do not bait players in any way.
9. You may raid someone 10 minutes after selling them entities, unless an agreement was made otherwise (See General Server Rules #6).
10. Accidentally damaging someone is still RDM.

  • Situations where the kill was unavoidable may be excused, this is under the admin's discretion.

11. If you are breaking a rule by messing around with a friend (e.g RDM), make sure that the incident takes place on property owned by either one of you.

  • The friend should be able to confirm your relationship, staff are not responsible for a friend playing a prank on you to get you in trouble.

12. If a kidnap attempt on the mayor fails, you may not substitute the kidnapping with killing him/her.

  • If you are going to assassinate the mayor, you must give a warning and reason in advert 5 minutes prior to the kill.

13. Custom Classes may not role-play as: Hobo, Civil Protection (Includes CP Helper), Mayor (Includes Mayor's Guard), and Hitman.
14. Adverts for job actions (e.g Mugging, Kidnapping) must be seperated so that there is one action per advert. (No "/advert Mug/Raid/Kidnap/PD Raid/Terror")
15. You are allowed to Counter IF you are in an Organization with At Least 3 members.

  • The members of the Organization Must be using a Raiding Class such as ' Thief, Robbers, Terrorists and Bandido '
  • Examples of Countering that you are allowed to use
  • Counter Arrest ( You are trying to stop an ongoing Arrest attempt )
  • Counter Raid ( You attempt to stop an ongoing Raid on a regular Building. Not the PD
  • Counter Mug ( You attempt to stop an ongoing Mug on a player. )
  • There Must be a Delay of 15 Minutes between every Counter.
  • NOTE: You MUST Always advert a Counter as this is considered illegal by RP Laws.

Raiding Rules

1. You may only raid as: Godfather, Mafia, Terrorist Leader, Terrorist, Gangster, Mob boss, Thief, Pro Thief and certain custom classes.
2. You must wait 10 minutes in-between raiding. (you must wait 20 minutes in-between raiding the same person or base)
3. You must advert raid or PD raid before raiding. (/advert Raid | /advert PD Raid)

  • PD Raid must be specified differently from a normal raid.

4. Do not raid a base for 10 minute after selling to the occupants.
5. Do not raid a base from inside it.
6. Do not raid an obviously empty / open base.
7. Do not counter. You may defend a base if you are basing there.
8. Do not raid a player who has a building sign up.
9. Do not take over another player's base.
10. Hitmen may raid the base of their target if raiding with other raiding jobs.
11. Personal Guards may raid with their employer.
12. Pom and Smeag class may only attack each other.(Incudes Mugging, Raiding, kidnapping, etc)
13. If you are raiding a base, raid it and leave. Do not wait for the defenders to act or camp in the base for defenders to return.


1. You may defend a player if you are:

  • Basing together
  • Members of the same mafia
  • Members of the same gang (/job <Gang Name> Gangster | e.g Angellini Gangster)

2. To be considered as basing with another player you must:

  • Own a door in the base.
  • Own contraband (With you name on it) inside the base.

Kidnapping Rules

1. You may only kidnap others as either a Terrorist or Mafia member.
2. You may only kidnap someone every 10 minutes, 20 minutes for the same person.
3. You may force surrenders immediately using G.
4. You may not kidnap CP/Swat officers.
5. You may defend yourself from a kidnap if you are holding a gun at the time of the kidnapping.

  • Do not pull out a gun once the kidnap starts.

6. You must advert "Kidnap" before kidnapping anyone. (/advert Kidnap)

  • You must specify the person's name either in the advert or in local chat (Voice chat not accepted)

7. Do not hold someone kidnapped for longer than 5 minutes.
8. Do not kidnap anybody inside spawn.

Mugging Rules

1. You may only mug as a raiding job.
2. You may only ask for up to $2000 from during a mugging, with a 10 second minimum response time.
3. You may only mug someone every 10 minutes, 20 minutes for the same person.
4. You may force surrenders immediately using G.
5. You may defend yourself from a mug if you are holding a gun at the time of the mugging.

  • Do not pull out a gun once the mugging starts.

6. Do not mug anybody inside spawn.
7. You must advert "Mug" before mugging anyone. (/advert Mug $2000 10 seconds)

  • You must specify the person's name either in the advert or in local chat (Voice chat not accepted)

Civil Protection/SWAT
1. Civil Protection/SWAT may not be corrupt.

  • This includes owning contraband, accepting bribes, working with criminals, ignoring crimes and placing hits.

2. Civil Protection/SWAT may not raid without a warrant.

  • A building open to the public does not require a warrant to enter unless there is a closed off area.

3. Civil Protection/SWAT may not pocket contraband. They must destroy it.
4. Civil Protection may not baton rush.

  • Baton rushing means to attempt to arrest a player while they are shooting at you.
  • If you are being shot at, you may shoot back at the player.
  • You may continue to arrest someone despite being shot at if you are already in a small room with them.
  • Do not baton rush out on the street.

5. Civil Protection may not purchase doors outside of the Police Department.
6. Civil Protection may not arrest hobos during a lockdown.
7. Civil Protection/SWAT must advert why they have killed/arrested someone when it is safe to do so.

  • Keybinds for generic reasons may be used. (e.g "Illegal weapon" or "Buying contraband")

8. Civil Protection/SWAT must return to the PD/Mayor to defend during a PD raid.
9. Civil Protection/SWAT must obey their superiors. The chain of command is Mayor > CP/SWAT Chief > CP/SWAT
10. Civil Protection/SWAT may arrest(CP) or kill(SWAT) players breaking laws without warning.
11. Civil Protection/SWAT may use illegal weapons.
12. SWAT officers may base in a single building owned by the mayor. The SWAT Chief may choose any SWAT officer to build there. (Minimum of 4 SWAT online)

  • At least 2 officers must be guarding the base at any given time
  • Guarding shifts should last no more than 15 minutes.
  • NLR is to be obeyed by all law enforcement where this base is concerned.
  • Weapon shipments may be kept in the base.

13. Civil Protection may only weapon check someone with a valid reason. (e.g Being in PD, crossing a checkpoint.)
14. Do not metagame. You cannot warrant based off hearing money printers or meth labs through the walls.

  • Garry's Mod does not sufficiently dull sound through walls - A player keeping his contraband hidden should be safe from CP raids.

1. Citizens may not base anywhere other than the apartment buildings.
2. Citizens may not printer farm/cook meth.
3. Citizens may not own a gun larger than a pistol, even with a license.

1. Hobos may not own doors.
2. Hobos may not own guns.
3. Hobos may not printer farm/cook meth.
4. Hobos may not build in the middle of the street.
5. Hobos may not block off map areas/NPCs.
6. Hobos may remain outside during a lockdown, but must keep away from the streets.
7. Hobos may build on the sidewalk.

1. The Mayor may place build comic props in the PD.

  • These props must not block walking space.

2. The Mayor may buy a single building for use by the SWAT. Building is supervised by the SWAT Chief.
3. The Mayor is allowed one fading door for the bank vault.
4. The Mayor is allowed to block the PD window.

1. Medics may not base.
2. Medics may not printer farm/cook meth.
3. Medics may not own guns larger than pistols, even with a license.
4. Medics may not heal raiders/defenders during a raid.
5. Medics may not assist a certain group of people.

1. The Godfather may order other members to kill a disobedient Mafia member.
2. The Godfather and Mafia members must work with one another.

Terrorist/Terrorist leader
1. Terrorists may initiate a terror attack by adverting "Terror". (/advert Terror)

  • Terrorising allows a terrorist to kill 3 non-terrorists.

2. Terrorists may only terrorise while outside.
3. Terrorists must wait 20 minutes between terror attacks.

Gun Dealer
1. Gun Dealers may not only sell to one particular group of people.
2. Gun Dealers may not charge more than double the original weapon price.
3. Gun Dealers may base together.
4. Gun Dealers must make a reasonable attempt to create a store.

Black Market Dealer
1. Black Market Dealers may not only sell to one particular group of people.
2. Black Market Dealers may not charge more than double the original item price.
3. Black Market Dealers must make a reasonable attempt to create a store.

Personal Guard
1. Personal Guards may defend the base of their client in the absence of their client.
2. Personal Guards must specify their employer by using /job <Employer's name>'s Guard. (E.g /job Pöm-Pöm's Guard)
3. Personal Guards may only protect their client and not his/her friends.

1. Hitmen must deny hit requests if they are being requested to kill the same player repeatedly.
2. Hitmen do not need to advert Hit Accepted and Hit Complete

Building Rules

1. Keypads must be working, have a hold length of 5 seconds, and be placed near the door they open.
2. Do not abuse the fading door.

  • You may not use buttons or your keyboard to open fading doors during RP situations.

3. Do not build anything that gives you a ridiculous advantage over people breaking into your base. See examples below.
4. Do not build inside unowned buildings or buildings that you do not own.
5. Do not build out on the streets or anywhere public unless you are a hobo.
6. Do not Megabase. (Building an unrealistically large building/structure)

  • This excludes blocking off an area of the map

7. Do not create structures which are visually displeasing.

  • This includes rope spam, giant penises, etc.

8. Do not build offensive structures, spray offensive pictures/gifs or place offensive text screens. (If a player has a reasonable complaint - It needs to be removed)
9. Do not have crouch to enter/jump to enter anywhere in your base.
10. Do not use invisible/translucent props as walls in your base.

  • One prop that is 1x2 in size which can be seen through from both sides is allowed, acting as a window.

11. Do not build outside the property of the building you own. (The sidewalk does NOT belong to you unless for a KOS immediately outside your door)
12. Do not props or systems are not allowed.
13. Do not use ropes for KOS Signs, they may be used as lines but not as a replacement for a text screen.
14. Do not build a base that uses an entrance which is hidden (e.g Hidden behind props, hidden amongst props).

  • Make your base entrance clear.

15. You may have up to 2 fadings doors for a single entrance to your base, and 1 fading door per room thereafter.

  • Multiple props opening with the same keypad are considered as a single fading door.

16. Government jobs may build small outposts, checkpoints or tolls smaller areas. (Max 1 Fading Door each)

  • Checkpoint max size- W:4 L:Wall to wall H:4 (Limited to road outside PD)
  • Toll max size- W:4 L:Wall to wall H:4
  • Outpost max size- W:5 L:5 H:10

17. You must have a number of players equal to the number of buildings in an area to block it off.

  • You may not block off NPCs.
  • You may not cut off other player's bases.
  • You may not block off any entrances/exits to spawn.

18. A player must be able to enter and exit your building without having to destroy any props.
19. While building, put up a sign that states "BUILDING" to let others know not to mess with you. Once you are finished building, remove the sign. While building, you should not have any printers or other entities. If you do, those entities can be removed.

  • Do not interfere with players who have a building sign up.

Combat Engagement

The rules that permit you to fire your weapon.

You can fire at someone if:
1. You have made a warning call beforehand in advert chat.
- You must have a legitimate reason  to feel threatened.
- You must allow at least 5 seconds for someone to comply with a warning.
2. Someone is shooting or stealing from you / raiding you.

You cannot fire at someone if:
1. They are a different job from you (If that is the sole reason).
2. They are doing no harm.
3. You have not given out a warning advert 5 seconds in advance.

Default Laws

These are the laws that should be followed in-game. Disobeying them in any way may result in punishment by government personnel.
The Mayor cannot change laws that are defined below as "Always illegal" or "Always legal".

Always legal:
1. Owning a handgun(With a license)
2. Self Defence with a legal weapon
3. Gun dealers selling illegal weapons to CP/SWAT officers.
4. Walking across any part of the street.

Always illegal:
1. Murder, Assault, and Robbery
2. Firing off a gun in public
3. Owning a weapon that is not a semi automatic pistol
4. Owning contraband

-Hitmen may change their hit prices using /hitprice
-Agendas may be set using /agenda and /addagenda (To create a new agenda line)
-Generic keybinds for mugs and kidnaps may be used, with the player simply specifying the target in chat
-Civil Protection may hit a printer with their stunstick to deal massive damage to it
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DarkRP Rules

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