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 Dolphin's (Trial) Moderator Application

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Dolphin's (Trial) Moderator Application Empty
PostSubject: Dolphin's (Trial) Moderator Application   Dolphin's (Trial) Moderator Application Empty21/7/2015, 09:27

Your Timezone:  Eastern
Your age: 14
SteamName: DOLPHIN
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:138623322
In-Game Name: Dolphin
Warnings(On Server|No more than 5): 1

Do you have a mic:  Yes
How long have you been on the server: 2 weeks, 15.5H playtime.
Have you administrated on another server(s) before: Yes. 4
Which server(s) and for how long:
GroxGaming- KingdomRP (Moderator) Currently.              
GroxGaming- PrisonRP (Moderator) Currently.
AceRP (DarkRP) (Administrator) 3 months. Resigned.
AwesomebirdRP (Co_Own) 2 months, server shut down.

(I am willing to leave GroxGaming to be here.)

1.Can you write with proper grammar?
Write an example: I have OCD about grammar.
Some examples would be:
You're not allowed to do that. (You are)
You can't do that. (Can not)                                          (Do not)
Grammar is one of the most important things in life, if you don't use grammar on a job applicant than you could be denied easily.

Why do you want to become a moderator?
Write why: I want to become a moderator because when I get on and I am roleplaying, I would be basing. I have a good base so it's practically unraidable as long as someone is there to defend it, anyways; there'd be MassRDM going on outside, MassRDA things like that. I have encountered minges 4 times as long as I've been in this community and they have all been on for a good hour or two just lagging the server and tampering with roleplay. I am active (everyday) and I am able to stop these minges/trolls. Another reason I want to be moderator is so I can enforce the server rules even when no minges are on.

Why would you be good as a moderator?
Write why:
      I would be good as a moderator because I am active, I know how to use ULX, and I am just all around a great guy.
      I am on basically everyday, for a good hour or so. The past week I have seen 4 minges- MassRDM, RDAers. If you have me as a moderator/trial moderator I can be there to stop them in their tracks.
     As a moderator, you must know how to use ULX. I know how to use ULX without !menu. !menu is very glitchy. Example: You go into menu and you want to ban a mingebag, you go to ban, find his name and start typing away, time and reason. All the sudden he leaves and you click ban. !menu moves onto the next person on the list of people in game, and then you have falsely banned someone. In console it is very user-friendly and easy to use. Example: (Console opened) ulx ban (It will give you a list of players as you type)Example:
Adaragon- SteamID; 123  I select him.
AmbitiousGamer101- SteamID; 1324                   <-- These examples don't count as lines typed.
agamemnonplays- SteamID; 2413    and so on and so fourth.
       [u][b][i]With the name/SteamID it does that for you. (I will try to get a screenshot of me banning someone on GroxGaming[i][b]  [u]                                  
Adaragon- SteamID; 123     2d MassRDM, troll/minge, no intent to roleplay appeal @ s-12.forumotion.com
BAM! He's banned.
         Being a good person, and a friendly user means a lot to the users that you moderate. If you're a douchebag/mean to players they won't like you very much, and most likely complain to your higher up. If you aren't liked by players they won't respect you and your decisions which is a bad thing. That's why it's important to be calm and cool during sits or while you're "yelling" at someone. That's why I am user-friendly.

         Thank you for reading my application.- David/Dolphin

https://imgur.com/wQyeHF8,9wF54w4 <-- Staff On GroxGaming    I have seen another minge --> https://imgur.com/9wF54w4

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Dolphin's (Trial) Moderator Application

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